What Qualifications Do US Virgin Islands Realtors Need to Have?

Are you interested in becoming a realtor in the US Virgin Islands? If so, you must meet certain qualifications in order to be eligible. To become a realtor in the US Virgin Islands, applicants must provide proof that they have been a licensed real estate seller in the Virgin Islands for at least two consecutive years, or that they are a licensed and admitted lawyer. For those who are real estate brokers, they must have been licensed as brokers in the Virgin Islands for at least five consecutive years prior to their appointment. However, for the purpose of this requirement, a license as a real estate agent in the Virgin Islands may be counted before December 1, 1967. In addition to meeting these qualifications, applicants must also pass an exam.

This exam consists of two sections and each candidate must obtain a minimum score of 75% in each part before being able to obtain a license in the United States Virgin Islands.

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