Buying Property in the US Virgin Islands: A Guide for Foreign Buyers

Are you a foreign buyer looking to purchase real estate in the United States Virgin Islands (USVI)? You'll be pleased to know that there are no restrictions on foreign buyers purchasing property in the USVI. However, there may be some specific regulations and it can be a lengthy process due to bureaucracy and cultural differences. The USVI is a popular destination for a beach house, especially for Americans. It has a rich multicultural history, friendly people, open spaces and the only unspoiled island completely surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.

From these stunning white sand beaches, you can directly access thousands of acres of underwater wonders at the Virgin Islands Coral Reef Monument or take a stroll along miles and miles of interconnected hiking trails along the island's approximately 39 square miles of green slopes. The USVI may not carry out its own foreign policy; rather, with the important exception of tax treaties, they are included in most other international treaties and agreements to which the United States is a party. During this time, buyers quickly reduced inventory levels to historic lows out of fear that they would be permanently excluded from the Virgin Islands market. USVI Sotheby's International Realty is a major real estate company in the United States Virgin Islands with offices in St. Croix.

St. Croix is 84 square miles and offers a city, town and country atmosphere, more than any of the other Virgin Islands. If you're looking for properties and areas to invest in in the Southern Virgin Islands, you'll want to be in the best locations. Most Caribbean destinations allow foreigners to purchase property, although there may be specific restrictions. With rare exceptions, the vast majority of transfers of real estate in the Virgin Islands are made by simple payment and full ownership is transferred to the new owner with the drafting, execution and registration of a deed in the Register of Deeds of the Office of the Lieutenant.

However, one of the most attractive aspects is that nearly two-thirds of the island is under permanent protection from the United States National Park Service, which safeguards its natural beauty for future generations and also guarantees any purchase of real estate as a solid long-term investment. The preferred method of transportation within the Virgin Islands is by taxi or private rental boat. Find your perfect property and make an offer - do any special rates apply to foreign buyers of real estate in the U. S. Virgin Islands? With all these benefits, it's no wonder why so many people are looking to buy property in this beautiful part of America.

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