Which US Virgin Island is the Cheapest to Live In?

Living on an island in Key West, Florida, may seem like a dream, but the cost of it can be prohibitive for many. Fortunately, there are several U. S. Virgin Islands that offer more affordable housing options.

Croix is usually the most budget-friendly of the three locations, although timeshare is available in St. Thomas. With a little luck and our advice, you can find a vacation property that fits even the most modest budget. To be close to the action in San Juan, condominiums near the University of Puerto Rico are a great option.

Long-term investors can find value in the four Canovanas complexes, but keep in mind that short-term vacation rentals may not be allowed. The Florida Keys are known for being fun for everyone - snow lovers, retirees, spring breakers and partygoers alike. Key Largo and Islamorada are too expensive for budget buyers, but Key West has some small condominiums available in the Santa Clara community that meet the requirements. Alternatively, there are a few docked piers in Marathon waiting for their next adventurous owner.

Hawaii may seem like an unlikely place to find affordable real estate, but there are still deals to be had. With more than 1.4 million people spread over 137 islands, there are plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. Maryland has more than 280 named islands and is the heart of Chesapeake Bay boating culture. While there is some affordable real estate in the state, it's not usually found on its coastal or bay coasts.

With the help of the Maryland Tourist Office, we found some non-traditional ways to get the best value for this price range - including lots available for those who want to build from scratch or just bring their motorhome. Smith Island, located in the Tangier Strait and home to Maryland's official dessert, is surrounded by swamps but has many homes that fit within budget. Corpus Christi's 18-mile-long Padre Island is well-known for its beaches and fine sand. The food and hospitality of Port Aransas make it a great place to live, and there's plenty of camping available at the state park during summer months.

St. Thomas is usually the cheapest Virgin Island to stay at as it has the largest airport, most amenities, public transportation and plenty of stay options - check out our guide to where to stay in St. Thomas for more information! Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico all have islands off their Caribbean shores that share turquoise blue waters and white sand beaches - without having to pay a fortune to live there! Ambergris Caye in Belize is one such example - it's 25 miles long and just over a mile wide - with San Pedro being its only city. It's become popular amongst divers and anglers thanks to its proximity to Belize Barrier Reef - a natural paradise full of living corals and an array of marine life - which has caused significant growth on Ambergris Caye since then.

Roatán is another emerald getaway in western Caribbean that has gone from being a secret getaway for divers to livable island paradise - it's 50 square miles long with mountains surrounding it - its reef is rich in marine life and adorned by white sand beaches - making it an ideal place for those looking for an affordable holiday home or permanent residence!.

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